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donderdag, 21 juni 2007

Al rondklikkend op de iPhone website viel me op dat de telefoon ook een stuk kleiner is geworden, sinds de introductie eind vorig jaar. Maar helaas, er blijkt enkel wat - misleidend - geshopped te zijn.

Wanneer we de nieuwe iPhone persfoto's koppelen aan de originele, blijkt dat ze gewoon een grotere hand hebben gebruikt, waardoor de telefoon automatisch kleiner lijkt.

UPDATE 23/6: Welcome Boing Boing readers! Apple has since removed the signup page with the new photo and just redirects to the generic iPhone page. Here's a screenshot I made earlier.

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now that's some fucking news!

Real news - 21/06/2007 om 19:52:33

KFC notoriously did this with their "99 Snackers" sandwiches a few years back.

Hand Model - 21/06/2007 om 20:23:18

Cool! YouTube button...

Anonymous - 21/06/2007 om 21:46:02

Not true, go to, they're still using hte first model. Not sure where this other pic came from.

hal - 21/06/2007 om 22:07:02

@Hal Visit the 'Sign Up' page that I've linked in this post. It's the photo I used for the comparison (and the official Apple PR photo from last year).

That picture got me thinking Apple had perhaps altered the dimensions of the unit.

Lars - 21/06/2007 om 22:11:10

all they did was zoom in a little. its the same

asdf - 21/06/2007 om 22:17:02

>all they did was zoom in a little. its the same

Nonsense - In the new pic the bottom two fingers are wrapped to the front of the phone and the top one is pointing off to the right instead of forward and down - it isn't even close to being the same.

Dan - 21/06/2007 om 22:43:22

While I was shopping for cel phones, I first tried holding them in my hand. I have large hands and they were al so small and they made my hnd hurt to use them. Decided on the Treo - for a number of reasons - and also because it was large.

doug rogers - 21/06/2007 om 22:52:41

it's fake.
That photo is not even on the Apple marketing materials.

Jack Ryan - 22/06/2007 om 1:12:02


"Old" -

"New" -

They are "on the Apple marketing materials", and boy, does that new shot make it look *tiny*.

Jim - 22/06/2007 om 1:57:03

Jack Eistein Ryan, click here fake boy:

Heeeera ----->>>>> <<<<<------

Bruno - 22/06/2007 om 3:23:30

Nice to see a big hand model getting some work. Most seems to go to the tiny hand models used on a million TV adverts to make stuff look bigger than it is :o)

Ruth - 22/06/2007 om 15:30:49

Ruth, Yeah, that's why I date women with small hands.

boB - 22/06/2007 om 19:18:29

Prima!!! Heel goed gezien manneke!

Xof - 22/06/2007 om 19:22:46

Heftig apparaat zeg! Ik gooi gelijk mijn telefoon en computer het raam uit.

Sjors Remmerswaal - 02/07/2007 om 17:34:39

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